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Famous Food of Gujarat


Dhokla is famous dish of the Gujarati cuisine and is a popular snack all over the country. It’s not just delicious, but is also healthy. It’s savored with tea and is prepared from fermented rice and split chickpeas. It’s served with mint and coriander chutney or hari chutney and dates and tamarind chutney of meethi chutney.  These soft, sweet- namkeen tasted, often fried with mustard, cumin seeds, curry leaves relish the taste-buds.



Theplas are basically parathas made from wheat, spices and the green leafy vegetable methi or fenugreek. They are served with pickles.

Theplas are one of the top favorite travel foods of a lot of Indians. Served with pickles and various types of Indian curries Whether you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.


Khakra is another staple snack that people all over the country enjoy during tea time. As it is very healthy snacks that is a regular feature during breakfast, lunch and dinner . It’s available almost anywhere in various flavours from methi to chili khakra and even pizza and cheese flavoured khakras.

Khakhra is a made in several varieties, such as a methi, Jeera, bajri, pudina, garlic and ajwain among others.



Sev Khamni

Sev Khamni is a common snack in the Gujrat state which is made from freshly ground chickpea meal or chickpea flour gram flour. Generally, eatan as a snack. You can be served during tea time or small hunger time. Sev Khamni is popular snack. it is mostly served with roughly chopped onions, sev, fried chillies sprinkled with salt and chutney. it is also served traditionally in a large green leaf.


Handva is a vegetable cake. It is a part of the Gujarati cuisine. It is made with wheat flour, seasame, bottle gourd, lentils and many other vegetables can be added.  You can also added crushed peanuts. Handva is a single layered thick bread that is similar to cake. This is cooked either in pressure cooker or Handva cooker then after applying a tadka of oil, mustard, cumin seeds, and curry leaves. Guard, peas, garlic, ginger, green chillies and coriander are the ingredients that make a great combination when served with pickle. In Gujrat no one deny the Handva if you offered in breakfast, lunch or dinner. Everyone loved Handva at all time.

Handva - Famous food of Gujarat



Rotlo is a common food of many in the state of Gujarat now is becoming an attraction in hotel menus of other states too. Rotlo is a bread made of Maize/Millet flour, often taken along with raw white onion, green chillies, Ringan Odeo and butter milk. Rotlo is a traditional food of Gujarati cuisine.

Rotlo - Famous food of Gujarat


A crunchy Gota, made from green Fenugreek and gram flour mixture. It is the street food of Gujarat and very popular in Dakor. It’s quite like the Aloo Vada of Maharashtra. This is prepared on special occasions and to entertain guest and are also enjoyed with tea. Gota is another special dish in the Gujarat state.

Gota - Famous Food of Gujarat



Gathiya are deep fried gujarati snacks made from chickpea flour.  They are a popular teatime snack in Gujarat. They are soft and not crunchy like most other Indian snacks. A sweeter version is called Mitha Gathiya. Often served with famous Rajkot ki Meethi Chutneyand fried chillies give you a feeling of a never ending pleasure! This is a Gujarati snacks and best enjoyed with during tea time.

Gathiya - Famous food of Gujarat


Basundi is an Indian sweet mostly in Gujarat. This dessert made of thickened milk, almonds, Pistachios, sugar and saffron which is similar to the North Indian Rabdi. Though it has high calories and fats, yet it is healthier.

It is often made on Hindu festivals such as Kali Chaudas and Bhaubeej(BhaiDooj)

Basundi - Famous food of Gujarat




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