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One of the most beautiful place of Goa in India . Goa food continental and different types of other cuisines. Goa the smallest state of India is a popular for tourist spot among not just Indians and people all over the World.

Goa is famous of seafood, Rice and Goan fish curry. Among the excellent shellfish available are crabs, prawns, tiger prawns. Other seafood includes squid and mussels. Goa’s luscious coconut and fish based dishes draw in people from all over the world. Every One having fun at Goa Beach.

Enjoying foods in Goa with your favorite drink and at beach resort is incomparable that persuade tourists again and again to explore Goa tours.

Here we have given you specific details of Famous Food of Goa.

1.Fish Curry

The Most Common dish is Goan Food which literally translates to Sour-Spicy. Grounded coconut is mixed with red chillies, peppercorns, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, turmeric powdre, garlic and ginger to make a fine paste. Sliced onions, tamarind juice and green chillies are added along with a cup of water and salt.

The mixture is cooked and dried mango and kokum are added in process. Later, fish is added and is cooked till ready.

2.Fish Recheado

Fish recheado is a Goan dish but the word recheado means stuffed in Portuguese and in this recipe, a fresh whole fish, usually a mackerel or pomfret, is slit down the center and stuffed with a spicy red paste, after which it is shallow fried.This is one of Goa’s famous dishes. The fiery-red Recheado masala made of kashmiri red chilies, garlic, cumin, peppercorns and tamarind is ground into a smooth but thick paste using vinegar. It is very versatile and can be used to prepare many other Goan seafood dishes.

3.Prawn Balchao

Prawn Balchão is another Goan favourite. Balchao is a method of cooking either fish in a dark red and tangy sauce. The traditional Balchao uses a paste made from dried shrimp known as ‘galmbo’ in Konkani spices and feni. This paste is added to fresh prawns, onion, spices and oil to prepare a prawn balchao. Balchao is often bottled and eaten as an accompaniment in meals.

4.Chicken Cafreal

A Goan dish of tribal origin is cafreal. Today, the dish is made by marinating pieces of chicken in a paste made of spices, chilies, garlic and ginger and lemon juice and then deep-fried or shallow fries till dry. The result is rather dry, but spicy dish.

5.Pork Vindaloo

Pork is a must for any festive occasion in Goa and the most famous preparation is the vindaloo. There are diverse interpretations of the etymology for this word one being ‘vinho’ for wine, ‘alhos’ for garlic (Portuguese), ‘viande’ and ‘aloo’ for meat and potato (French and Hindustani). It is a spicy concoction, lots of red chilies, garlic, cooked with chunks of pork, Goa vinegar, and hard palm jaggery and is best enjoyed with plain boiled rice.



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