Famous Food collection of 29 Indian States and Cities


1.Dal Peetha

Dal Peetha is look like a momos shape. It is some other form of dumpling . Like momos, Peetha are also covered with rice flour with stuffed lentil paste along with spices served with pickle. It is cooked with steam. This dish is a very healthy breakfast for kids.



Shikanji is another name of Nimbu pani . It is makes by water, lemon, salt etc. And with the addition of mint leaves its taste becomes more refreshing.

In the summer season when we have lose more energy. It will be very helpful to gain some energy. Shikanji is one of most fresh drink.

3.Chicken korma

It is one of the most yummy dish which is called Chicken Korma. It is served by with butter naan. It is very creamy, spicy flavored.

The variety of ingredients used in the dish makes it more irresistible which is increase more taste. Usually it is made in homes but now days it has become the most valued cuisine of the town.

4.Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is a national dish of Bihar. It is good for health because all nutrients in this dish. As it is inexpensive dish. So poor people to easily afford this dish. Even Rich people also like this dish.


Bhelpuri is a spicy snack. It is very famous in Mumbai street food. Generally its made by puffed rice, vegetable and different variety of mixtures also including, green and red source for increase more taste. You can also enjoy with evening tea. It can be ready easily and quickly. You can make Bhel Puri at home.



6. Chana Ghugni

Chana Ghugni is one of the most cheapest food originated from Bihar because of its specialty that it can be served with dry chapattis, parathas, roti, etc. Ghugni is traditionally named as ghugri in Bihar because it is made with white peas which are round in shape. It is one of the most famous snacks being served in almost every home in evening.

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